This is one of my furry helpers. I’m most definitely an animal lover as well as loving colour. At school I loved art but chose to take Latin because at that stage of my life I was considering becoming a vet and thought Latin would help with anatomy.

I learnt that while pets are a huge part of our lives, people are really important too and went on to do a Masters in Psychology – not much use for my Latin, but I can still hear my Mother saying that I could pick up art later in life.

It took me a while – I was nearly 40 when I started taking art classes, first with Meredith Macleod, and later with Martina Matussek and Marcel Desbiens. The wonderful thing about art classes is the people you meet, some of whom are still friends today.

My art really took off when I discovered online art classes. Most Friday nights I race home from my day job as an HR Consultant and you’ll find me with a glass of wine, a paint brush in hand and a class on my computer screen. I’m lucky enough to have an art studio in my home and a wonderfully supportive husband who manages to amuse himself watching sport so I can do art!

I love painting people, and prefer cityscapes to landscapes. Colour is so important to what I do and acrylics allow me to work in layers which add a dimension to art that I love. My abstracts are a celebration of colour more than anything else.

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